The Advantages Of Using an Air Purifier

Health is wealth:

This adage may be overused but it has never lost its significance. In fact, in times like today, it makes so much more sense to be able to invest in health products. Why? Because everything right from the air we breathe to the food that we consume is toxic. The industrial fumes and the other forms of pollutants have made life miserable for a lot of people.

There is absolutely no way one can escape:

I hail from North India and every year around January, I make sure that I come down somewhere in the south of the country. The smog that is in and around the cities in northern part of India, especially around the harvesting season, is enough to send me into back to back asthmatic attacks. I have no idea if the asthma is also one of the consequences of staying here!

So, you can imagine what kind of danger is lurking around us!

If the air itself is so poisonous to send not only people with asthma-like or other respiratory conditions under cover but also the seemingly normal ones you can imagine the kind of health dagger that is dangling on our heads. The most emphatic question however to ask is what about our children? I mean they are the most vulnerable. Surely we don’t want our future citizens to grow up being sick all the time!

The doctor’s advice:

The family physician this year had prohibited my travel because of a condition called varicose veins and so I had to stay put. However, he recommended that we invest in the best air purifier in India. I could not think anything beyond Crompton. Priced right and capable of filtering twenty percent more particles than other purifiers, it did a great job in helping me stay attack free this entire season. I would strongly recommend the Therapure 45-watt purifier this manufacturer.

No more running about, I wistfully smile!!…

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