John Lind House
The John Lind House

     John Lind, a Swedish-born immigrant, was elected as Minnesota's 14th governor in 1899. The Lind house was built on the corner of Center and State streets in 1887 by John and Alice Lind at a cost of $5,000. During his lifetime John Lind was a school teacher, superintendent of Brown County schools, a New Ulm Lawyer, and land agent. John Lind was also the first Swedish-born American to be elected to the United States Congress, president of the University Board of Regents, diplomatic representative to Mexico, and Minnesota Governor. In 1975, the home was placed on the National Register of Historic Homes for its architectural and political significance. Grants from the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Historical Society, the City of New Ulm and the Aid Association for Lutherans have been received. Many local corporations, financial institutions, businesses, service clubs and individuals have responded generously with finances and materials. The Lind house has been restored in the style in which it was originally built and is now available for private parties, receptions, and meetings.
      During the Christmas season, the Lind house is decorated in Victorian style. Christmas season hours are from 1:00 to 4:00 Thursdays through Sundays from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

     For more information, call (507) 354-8802

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