How To Lose 200 Pounds Without Surgery?

Bariatric surgery isn’t the only way to lose an enormous amount of body weight. Of course, losing 200 lbs is a great challenge when you have to do it without surgery or weight loss pills. If you have to lose 200 lbs your current body weight has to be above 400 lbs. What caused you to gain such an enormous body weight? Is it the addiction to certain types of foods? Have you been drinking too much of soda? Have you been eating fatty and oily foods? Have you been eating too much of sugar? Have you been eating a lot of junk foods? You need to ask these questions to yourself and find out addiction to what type of food items has caused weight gain.

If you are not sure about what types of food to avoid, you can choose programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast that eliminate all the guess work involved in following a diet plan. If you check the success stories they have published in their official websites, you will come across dieters who have lost above 100 lbs following their diet plans. Nutrisystem focuses on providing portion controlled and balanced diet meals while Medifast offers low calorie meals that bring about quick weight loss. Therefore, you will have to choose between the two diet programs. Visit that discusses about the similarities and differences between these programs.

When you choose healthy foods and eat them moderately, you will be able to lose weight gradually without any extra effort. As you start experiencing the weight loss, you can include exercise in to your daily routine that will complement your diet. Create a group of likeminded people and ensure that you are accountable so that you do not lose motivation. Set small goals and try to accomplish them. Keep rewarding yourself for every accomplishment. All these efforts will certainly lead you to your biggest challenge of losing 200 lbs.

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